LEAP - Terms of use

Last Updated: January 2022

Welcome to Leap!

Leap is a sports talent discovery platform, connecting sports clubs, sport agents, players, professionals and fans (“Leap Platform”).

The Leap Platform is owned, developed and provided by Sports Matching Services Limited (“LEAP”, "we", “us” or “our”).

These Terms of Use (”Terms”), and our Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference, constitute the terms and conditions under which LEAP offers the Leap Platform to any user accessing or using the Leap Platform and any of the Leap Services (as defined below) , and whether you are a talent (anyone playing any sports at any level, “Talent”) or fans, sport, agents, recruiter, sports brands, clubs, teams and professional (collectively "Explorer") or a legal guardian of the aforesaid, (hereinafter defined as a "Parent", and together with the Talent and the Explorer shall be collectively referred to herein as a “User” or “you”).


Please read these Terms and our Privacy Policy carefully, and make sure you understand and agree with them. By registering and using the Leap Platform and using the Leap Services, you hereby represent and warrant you have read, understood and you agree to be bound by these Terms, as may be amended from time to time. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, or any part thereof, you should cease all use of the Leap Platform and Leap Services, and delete your Leap Account.

If you are under 16 years old, or otherwise under the minimum legal age defined is a "child" in your country ("Child") - your Parent must open your Leap Account and provide the required approvals, as detailed under these Terms. If you are under 18 years old, please read these Terms and our Privacy Policy with your parents or other guardian.


The Leap Platform brings together Talents and Explorers, in a unique community dedicated to sports, and enables Users to create accounts, groups and interact with each other through various features (collectively with the Leap Platform “Leap Services”).

As part of the Leap Services, you may also upload, send, create, share or otherwise disclose certain content on Leap Platform, including, without limitation, pictures and images, text, messages, videos and other materials, both publicly and privately (through messaging features) (“User Generated Content”). We may also offer additional features such as video editor (filters, adding text, etc.), contests and battles which may include awarding of rating or other scores to the winners or other participants (“Contests”), Leap Profiles' filtering, etc.

Please note, that any activity related to rating, scoring and Contests will conduct by LEAP at its sole discretion and you hereby release LEAP from, and waive any claim or demand, you have now or in the future in respect thereof. LEAP's decision in respect of all matters related to the Contests, rating and scoring, will be final. LEAP may change the criteria for scoring, rating, and choosing the winners of any Contests at any time, at its sole discretion. All rating and scoring, in the event assigned, might be based upon other Leap's users reviews, and in any event, are provided "as-is" and shall not be considered as an endorsement or other assurance on behalf of LEAP.

Currently the Leap Platform and Leap Services are offered to Users free of charge, however, LEAP may, in its sole discretion, change such offering and subject the use of the Leap Platform, or any part of the Leap Services, in payment of subscription fees or other consideration.


In order to participate in the Leap Platform and use the Leap Services, you must first register, create an account and a profile (“Leap Account” and “Leap Profile”, respectively). During the registration process, you will be requested to provide certain personal data about yourself, such as name, age, email address, etc. For information on how personal data is processed by LEAP, see our Privacy Policy.

Please note that - opening a Leap Account for a person under 16 years old requires the Parent's consent and only the Parent is allowed to register the Child and create the Leap Account. You can find more information regarding our parental's consent procedure and your controls, as a Parent, over the Child's Leap Account, under our Children and Parents Privacy Notice.